Perhaps you are familiar with the term Social Media Marketing, but aren’t quite sure what Inbound Marketing is. Well, let’s start by describing what it isn’t. Historically, marketers have developed a product or service and pushed that product out to their targeted customers by some sort of outbound marketing technique. These techniques include television or radio advertising, , outdoor billboards, print magazines, internet banner ads, direct mail, trade shows…you can probably complete this list. With the growth in the internet and social media marketing there has been a dramatic shift in how consumers are deciding on which products and services they want. Instead of the product or service finding them through outbound marketing — they are uncovering the product or service online through several methods. They might read about it in a blog article. They might “stumble across” a link to an article on a social media sight. They might get a tweet about it from a friend.

Inbound marketing is about making sure your customers can find you in any of the places they might be. It works for B2B as well as B2C. Contact us and find out how we can jumpstart your inbound marketing efforts.